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Clinic Pro Software Demos

We have compiled a few demos of Clinic Pro Software so that you can evaluate how well it fits your practice management needs. Please feel free to browse through our video library or fill out our online form and ask for a personal online demo.

We strongly encourage you to perform due diligence to make sure that the software you pick fits the needs of your practice.

ClinicPro Software specializes in helping our customers send electronic claims to the clearing house of their choice. We also specialize in helping our customers read 999 and 277 rejections and create clean claims. We have a front-end claim scrubber that catches most errors prior to sending them to the clearinghouse.  As any expert insurance biller will tell you, it's easiest to collect your money on the first try rather than having to resubmit replacement or corrected claims. ClinicPro Software helps you create clean claims the first time!

Multiple fee schedules

Transaction/procedure code entry

Payment posting

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